We are experts at waxing

We do brazilians for the ladies and manzilians for the gents

The Waxing Bar uses high quality hard wax that is very unique to our business. Hard wax is nice on your delicate skin and is less painful for your waxing service. Our focus is being efficient, fast and thorough. A brazilian wax takes 15 minutes or less. If you are nervous about coming in you shouldn't be we make you feel comfortable. Highest levels of hygienic standards, no double dipping of wax sticks. We are confident you will be satified with your experience.


Microblading is a newer technique to the US for permanent eyebrow tattooing and lasts up to 2 years. It is done manually with a small hand tool to create tiny hair like strokes making natural, beautiful eyebrows. Most of us don’t have the perfect eyebrow shape and microblading can help to create that. This technique has several names for doing the same thing. The different names are 3D brows or 6D, eyebrow embroidery, feather brows and microstroking.

Things to know before coming in for microblading-

It is a 10 day dry healing, which means no direct water on the treated area, no sweating, no lotions, no creams or makup on the area. Also no sun or tanning for those 10 days.

Microblading does require at least one touch up 1-3 months after. Just like the doctor we require a follow up.

Permanent makup is NOT recommended for anyone who are or have: pregnant or nursing, diabetic, chemotherapy (consult your doctor), viral infections and/or diseases, epilepsy, pacemaker or major heart problems, organ transplant, skin irritations, or psoriasis near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne), sick (cold, flu, etc), botox in the past 2 weeks, Accutane in the past year.

Our Microblading specialist was trained from one of the best in the world. She traveled to Beverly Hills and trained with a celebrity permanent makeup artist.